Open calls both for italian and foreign producers, as well as production companies, associations and indies.

The Organizing Committee of Food Film Fest organizes 8th edition with the aim of contributing to a greater disclosure and affirmation of the values of Culture and Food through the language of movies.

The Festival brings together films and docufilms with the following format: short and long films, documentaries and animated films which explore food through the perspective of art and culture, investigated as an inquiry or a research.



film free way

It includes the following competitions:


Works in any film format, narrative works that talk about the world of food as an expression of culture and knowledge, as a representative of a social condition, as passion or obsession.


Documentary works, in any film format, which develop the main topic on agribusiness issues, problems related to nutrition, memory of ancient recipes, culinary traditions of a specific territory, production of particular foodstuff, food such a passion or as a resource, nutritional education.


Film in which the sketch, the graphic line, the sculpture and the materials take life through different techniques, becoming short and feature animate films, focused on the food.