The festival

The Festival:
5 days of screenings for films both in and out of competition, video premieres, related events, tastings, debates, workshops and presentations

In the historic heart of Bergamo, Città Alta, in Piazza Mascheroni: a special place, a natural open-air theater, ideal for the screening of films in competition and for hosting other events in an evocative setting.

Entrance always free of charge, whether to screenings, food tastings and various side events.
Culture must be accessible to all, so the more it is shared, the more it multiplies.

The festival intercepts the summer transit in the historic center. Hence the idea of offering films in the original language. A choice that, in addition to respecting the expressive methods used in each work, also stands for inclusion for all viewers: not only locals, but also tourists, students and fans of original language films.

Food Film Fest is a project conceived in 2014 by the Art Maiora Cultural Association and the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of Coldiretti Bergamo, Slow Food Bergamo Valli Orobiche Bassa Bergamasca and ASCOM Bergamo. The first edition of the festival welcomes a preview of what, the following year, would become the contents of Expo 2015: internationality, with a call for entries open to directors and production companies from all over the world, and food finding here a culturally elevated dimension. The universal language of cinema shows all its facets through an artistic, personal and multifaceted gaze, letting creativity set against innovation and tradition tell the story of the theme.

“Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live..”