The festival

Food Film Fest is a project created by Art Maiora Cultural Association and the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of the Municipality of Bergamo, Coldiretti and Slow Food.

In 2014, the first edition of the festival hosted a preview of what, the following year, would become the protagonists of the great universal exhibition of Milan Expo 2015: internationality, with a call open to directors and production houses of all over the world, and food which, distancing itself from the popular treatment of entertainment television broadcasts, finds here a culturally high dimension. The universal language of cinema, in fact, shows all its facets, ennobling the topic through an artistic, but also political and social gaze. The first works received for the selection make it immediately clear how talking about food means talking about health and nutrition, production diversity, food and wine excellence, crops, old and new jobs, aggregation, tradition, innovation and history territories, aesthetics, religion, sport, tourism, waste, solidarity, affecting all spheres of the human.

In 2020, the Festival recorded over 600 films nominated for the competition from 84 nations of the world: with numbers of this magnitude, the audiovisual is undoubtedly the main actor of the festival. Next to the competition, however, there is a dense schedule of meetings aimed at dealing, through different approaches, with a very broad topic. Here then debates, conferences, book presentations, workshops, round tables, experiential paths, interviews through which to tell worlds and experiences, which integrate the cinematographic proposal and interest complementary targets. A strategic action – made possible thanks to a solid network of relationships with local and national organizations, economic and cultural realities, institutions, but also associations, schools and creative businesses – which, over the years, has brought the festival audience to touch the 50,000 appearances.

The event will take place in Piazza Mascheroni from 25 to 29 August.

“Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live..”